Motorcycle insurance repairs for fault and none fault accidents


None Fault Accidents

Additional Information

 When involved in an accident:

 Call the emergency services as required.

 Take details from the partys involved.

 Stay calm.

 Then call us on 07541083663 and we can recover your motorcycle,

 If you have had a non fault accident  call “The Engine Room Motorcycles “ on 07541 083663, and take advantage of our “Non fault motorcycle accident management service” through Mcams, you don't have to call your insurance company when the accident is not your fault. Mcams will be working on your behalf to get you the best outcome.  It is very important to be clear and truthful with the information you provide making 100 % sure that the accident was not your fault, then Mcams can assess your claim.

  The following services are provided and the cost will be recovered from the party at  faults insurance company.

. Motorcycle recovery.
. A courtesy bike delivered to your door, within approximately 24 hrs, a wide range   of motorcycles available.
. Repairs carried out to a high standard by "The Engine Room Motorcycles"
 with genuine parts only.
. Regular updates on progress.
Please call if you need further info on this service.


Insurance Work

Additional Information

At the "The Engine Room Motorcycles" we are happy to undertake all  motorcycle insurance repairs as your preferred motorcycle dealer. We undertake insurance work only using genuine parts for the repairs. We are happy to recover your motorcycle and make sure its securely stored at the workshop while repairs are carried out.

Although it is your responsibility to deal with your insurance company we will be happy to assist you when required. When work is completed to the high standards you would expect from us, you will be asked to sign a safistaction note and your motorcycle will be valeted ready for collection. 

Please call " The Engine Room Motorcycles" for you insurance requirements on 

07541 083663.